About the Artist

Making art has always been a love of my life. I’m extremely passionate about it and think of it as an extension of my physical being, like a knee or hand. I can’t really live without it. With graduate school on the horizon, I couldn’t be more excited to continue creating art on an even greater and more challenging scale… in San Francisco, no less! It’s going to be an amazing opportunity and new adventure in my life.

Thanks so much for helping me get there!

In addition to this online auction, I will also be hosting (with help from Jason Doize of FalseFront) an in-person auction, art show, fundraiser, and ice cream social (yesss!!!) Saturday July 24, at FalseFront (4518 NE 32nd Ave. Portland, Oregon) from 4pm until 10pm with art auction to begin at 7pm. There will be lotsa fun and art to be had, guaranteed! So bring your smiles, friends, and wallets because it’s gonna be one heck of an art sale! Hope to see you all there!

Lots of love and thanks for all of your support!

To follow my full collection of artwork and shows, please visit my official website www.michelleramin.com.


2 Responses to About the Artist

  1. Lisa Northcraft says:

    Greetings! I came across your post on Craigslist just now & wanted to drop you a note. My daughter attends PNCA Pacific Northwest College of Art in PDX. She just finished her 2nd year there. Our family is a very artistic family and we are so proud of her as she continues her education in Art. I want you to be encouraged to follow your dreams. I think it is amazing that you are attempting to auction your artwork online to raise support for your education. We offer prayers and blessings in support for your future! Lisa

    • Thanks so much Lisa! I can use all of the thoughts and support I can get! I really appreciate it – good luck to your daughter too! PNCA is a great school! Happy Fourth! -Michelle 🙂

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