Well, it’s over. My art auction to get me to SFAI is officially over and I am the most thankful and grateful human being on the planet. I am seriously humbled by your contributions, donations, bidding-wars, and support. You have all blown me away. I don’t even know what to say – I wish there were a better word than thank-you to express how I feel right now. All I can really muster up is THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the biggest, boldest, fattest love in my heart. You have made this auction a HUGE! success, each and every one of you.

My heroes include:
Joel Wasko, Jaik Faulk, Rebecca Shelly, Jason Doize, Amber Corneliuson, Faye Purdum, Zach Leinen, Jamie Peterson, Mary Wasko, Alanna Van Fleet, Rachel and Jon Austin, Jim Stephens, John Cohoon, Michael Smith, Doug Lovelace, Amy Alonso, Amy Zirkle, Gina Gailit, Casey De Leon, Juls Buehrer, Marc Foreman, April Hartzel, Kristin Wille, Julia Seidel, Kai Steimle, Jake Rosenfeld, Maggie Leinen, Gwen and Alan Smith, Greg Jones, Erin Kollar, Anna Nasset, Alex Kroman, Melissa Moser, James Horn, Joey Salvucci, Josh Heumann, Sharon Eldridge, Shannon Saucier, Chrissy Busacca, Mathew Spingler, John Sutherland, Sarah Williams, Rachael Woolen, Azad Sadjadi, Sarah Hooper, Stuart Mayer, Michael Endo, Mackenzie Zirk, Jewel Mlnarik… and everyone who bid and was outbid! You all are my heroes too!

… and with that, I’d like to announce that, in one month, you all have collectively bought my artwork for: $4908.89, one Jaik Faulk original painting, one Rebecca Shelly original painting, one dozen oysters from EAT, jambalaya, and homemade *crawfish* etouffee.

I’m pretty much the luckiest girl in the universe… just sayin’ 🙂 and I’M GOING TO SFAI FOR MY MFA IN PAINTING BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!

Until next blogpost (which will hopefully be made from San Francisco!),
Michelle 🙂

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